C.P.B.C. in Calgary Alberta

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 26th 2016 saw the C.P.B.C. in Calgary Alberta for Teofista's Boxing Series #18 as they hosted the C.P.B.C. Canadian Super Welterweight title fight between Janks Trotter and Stuart Mclellan.
The show had a fabulous undercard with such names as Mike Mcwilliams , Connor Bush , Roxie Lam, Michael Gargouri , Devon Reti, Dia Grant just to name a few. It was a well stacked under card that lead to the main event. Both Trotter and McLellan started off feeling each other out but it quickly escalated into a fight that kep the fans on the edge of their seats.It seemed that the fight was pretty even up to the 8th round,but somehow McLellan dug deep stealing the last 2 rounds and winning the fight and becoming the New C.P.B.C. Canadian Super Welterweight Champion.I would not be surprised of a rematch between these two warriors.

C.P.B.C. in Calgary AB

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