C.P.B.C. ends affiliation with W B U

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In the recent days after some terrible post were made from the president of the WBU i felt as former vice president and championship chairman of the WBU it is my duty to set things right and say it like it really is not like some lies that have been posted from the president of the WBU. After seeing the racial and terrible hate post the WBU president made we felt as members of the C.P.B.C that our affiliation came to an end as we could not be involved with such terrible things. After we all turned in our resignation i learnt that he told a promoter that it was because i was in a conflict of interest in regards to the C.P.B.C. title, wow a conflict after over a year lol and another story was that i had been fired of course this came from one of our haters well how can you be fired when you resigned. The real reason as i just stated was this kind of action and on social media of all places is just not right and worst he showed no mercy or shame with his post. It is just not something that we will tolerate. There is enough racism and hate in the world without allowing anymore. We have tightened our affiliation with the WBO/NABO and we will move forward from here leaving this horrible situation behind that put myself and members of the C.P.B.C. in a very uncomfortable situation.In closing the C.P.B.C. would like to say sorry for anyone that might of been hurt by these horrible post..thank you

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