C.P.B.C. Closing 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

As the C.P.B.C. closes off another great year we would like to take a moment to thank all we have worked with. CCC Boxing Promotions (Cody Crowley & Ibn Cason) thanks for the great working relationship and support, we wish you much success in 2018. Page Promotions( Denis Page), all the best in 2018. Donny Brook's Promotions (Ian McKillop) continued success in 2018. Dekada Promotions (Mike Short & Dennis Herrmann) Keep the big Shows going in 2018. L- Jack Promotions. Keep it going Fantastic Job. Rexa Promotions/Grant Brothers Promotions continued success in 2018. Gym Promotions (Yvon Michel) great working with you. Edgewood Promotions ( Don Pennington)West Virginia USA keep up the Great Work.

To all our Champions:
Ray (Mount Kilimanjaro) Olubowale C.P.B.C Canadian Heavyweight Champion.

Bobby Gunn ( The Celtic Warrior) C.P.B.C. International Heavyweight Champion.

Gary ( Hocas Pocas ) Kopas C.P.B.C. International and Canadian Cruiserweight Champion.

Shakeel Phinn (The Jamaican Juggernaut ) C.P.B.C. Canadian Super Middleweight Champion.

Nathan (TheTimberWolf) Millier C.P.B.C. Canadian Middleweight Champion.

Cody (The Crippler) Crowley C.P.B.C. 154 LBS International Champion

Dominic ( The Dominator) Babineau C.P.B.C. Super Featherweight Atlantic Champion.

To all C.P.B.C. Official Judges:

Michael B. Sullivan (Moncton N.B.)
Emile Arsenault (Shediac N.B.)
Daniel McGarvie (British Columbia)
Ed Garner ( British Columbia)

To all C.P.B.C.Official Referee's

Gerry Bolen (Montreal, QC)
Joel Scobie ( Nanaimo B.C.)
Claude Cusson( Saskatoon SK.)

To all Freelance Judges/Referee's

Hubert Earl (Nova Scotia)
Craig Smith (Nova Scotia)
Robert McAvoy (Nova Scotia)
Mark Simmons(Ontario)
Jason Rodgers (Saskatchewan)
Dr. Greg Jackson (Manitoba)
Craig Metcalf (Alberta)
Len Koivisto (Alberta)

To all C.P.B.C. Representatives:
Quebec Representative:
Gerry Bolen

Alberta Representative:
Scotty Olson

British Columbia Representative:
Daniel McGarvie

Western Canada Representative:
Jamie Taylor

Nova Scotia Representative (Kyle Cameron-MacLean)

United States Representative:
Marsha Talley

To our C.P.B.C. Dressing Room Supervisor's
John Annis (Moncton N.B.)
George Cormier (Moncton N.B.)

To the C.P.B.C. Ratting's Committee:
Don Collette (Moncton N.B.)
Linda Verge( Nova Scotia)

To our C.P.B.C. Senior Advisor:
Troy Talbot

And last but not lease C.P.B.C. Advisory Board Member's
Robert Legere
John Annis
Anne Legere
Greg McArdle

To everyone else involved Boxing Commission's Corner Men, Managers,Trainers, Match Makers Card Girls Time Keepers, Doctors, supporters and the Fans we cannot forget the fans cause without them there are no shows or success.

These are the people you need as an Organization to be successful its not one person it takes a lot of people and these are the people.

To All from the C.P.B.C a thank you and a Great 2018

© 2019 Canadian Professional Boxing Council