C.P.B.C. Honor's Nicky Furlano

Saturday, May 12, 2018
C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award

The Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame 2018 was held May 5th in Woodstock Ontario. and what a line up of inductee's they had going in with Billy ( the kid) Irwin, Johnny Kalbhen and Matthew Hilton just to name a few.
It was a great night of celebration with a sold out crowd and many boxing figures in attendance. A special award went out to last years inductee Nicky Furlano. Nicky received the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award. As the C.P.B.C.President could no be there as he was attending the big show in Peterborough Dave Hutchinson and Dameon Okposio represented the C.P.B.C. and did a fine job in presenting Nicky with the award. It turned out to be a great night at both events.
Many thanks Dave and Dameon and a big congratulations to Nicky Furlano well deserved Champ.

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