C.P.B.C. Honor's Nicky Furlano

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Nicky Furlano

On May 5th 2018 the C.P.B.C. was in Woodstock Ontario for the 2018 Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame and to Honor another great fighter in Nicky Furlano. The C.P.B.C. was represented by Dave Hutchinson who made the speech to a sold out crowd which was also there to witness some great fighters to be inducted like Billy Erwin and the great Matthew Hilton to name a few. Nicky was receiving the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion ward that many other great fighters have received in the past. The complete event was a big success and they have already set a date of May 11th 2019 for the next one. Conratulations to Nicky Furlano and a big thank you to Dave Hutchinson for fabulous representation and also with the help of Dameon Okposio many thanks guys your awesome.

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