C.P.B.C. Honors Les Sprague

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Les Sprague

The C.P.B.C. was in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Friday June 21st to honor one of the the greatest fighters to come out of the Maritime provinces from back in the day, Les Sprague, with the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award. First, there would be some very exciting Amateur Bouts Feature, 14 of them to be exact, and a well organized show promoted by Promoter Kelsey Fraser. There were fighters from Tribal Boxing Gym, Fist Boxing Gym of Moncton and Warriors Boxing Gym squaring of against opponents from the Province of Quebec. All bouts were action packed and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. After the end of the 7th bout, Ring Announcer Blake Finley read the introduction story of Les Sprague taking everyone in the audience back in time to the old days and it was very interesting to hear. Then the Ring Announcer called on the members of the C.P.B.C. to come to the ring and make the presentation to a great fighter Les Sprague. Les made his way to the ring as the audience cheered him on with the C.P.B.C. Members waiting for him in the ring. Long time friend and training/sparring partner Robert Legere made the presentation the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award to one very surprised Les Sprague who had no idea of this presentation. Les was surprised to say the least and a little emotional. but he was very happy to receive it and the audience applaud to Les Sprague receiving it. Then the remainder of the show carried on with some more very exciting bouts to close the show. Hats of to Blake Finley for his always professional ring announcing and to Kelsey Fraser for putting on a fabulous entertaining night of boxing and thanks to everyone involved to making this happen Tommy Harmes Lenny Shaw Roger Rayburn to name a few and we thank you for inviting the C.P.B.C. to this great event.

Les Sprague receives the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award

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