C.P.B.C. New Champions.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Saturday Night in Richmond Hill Ontario at the Premier Ball and Convention Center hosted a night of fights with WBC and Atlas Boxing with 2 C.P.B.C. Title fights first the C.P.B.C. Eastern Canadian Woman's Bantam weight between Tania Walters vs Lindsay Garbatt but after 8 exciting close rounds Tania Walter wins by split decision. The 2nd title fight was for the C.P.B.C. International .Super Heavyweight Championship between Junlong Zhang taking on Guillermo Casas from Mexico at the end of it all Junlong wins the 10 round decision and is the new C.P.B.C. International Super Heavyweight Champion. Jay Byard from BC also on the undercard won by KO in round number 2 in fine style. Special thanks to C.P.B.C. representative Robert Downey and Sonya Northeast for supervising the show thank you Great Job as always.

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