New C.P.B.C. Middleweight Champion

Sunday, June 29, 2014
C.P.B.C. Middleweight Champion Francis LaFreniere, Quebec, June 2014

Saturday June 28th/2014 was one of the best fights seen in years as Francis Lafreniere of Quebec walked in the ring to take on Paul Bzdel of Saskatoon for the vacant C.P.B.C. Middleweight Title. As the fans waited for the match to start, they had no idea what they were about to see. Put simply, it was one of the most exciting and entertaining fight in years. For the first round it was a testing round but after that the fire came up and never went down. Both warriors never stopped punching for 9 hard fought rounds and at the end of the 10th, Francis LaFreniere is the new C.P.B.C. Canadian Middleweight Champion, via unanimous decision. Hats off to Paul Bzdel for an awesome performance.

The co-main event was young Eric Bazinyan vs Gary Kopas. This fight was also action packed for 6 hard rounds with one tough Gary Kopas giving young Eric Bazinyan all he wanted. It was a war from start to finish and the fans loved it.

There was a few more undercard matches and also some great amateur fights to open the show.

Special thanks to Otis and Howard Grant and Partner's for putting on such a great show.

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