Rob Nichols wins the C.P.B.C. Cruiserweight Title

Saturday, December 12, 2015
New C.P.B.C. Cruiser-weight Champion Rob Nichols

Friday night December 11th 2015 in Calgary saw two Cruiserweights battle it out for the then reigning champion Frank White's C.P.B.C Title. The fight started a little slow but soon picked up speed with both warriors throwing bombs at each other. A few times during the mid rounds it looked like White had Nichols in some trouble but the tough Nichols would come back. Also in the mid to late rounds it looked like Nichols had White in trouble but then White would come back, so after a hard fought ten rounds it was 97-93 97-93 97-93 for the winner and new C.P.B.C. Cruiserweight Champion Rob Nichols. I wouldnt be surprise of a rematch between these two in 2016.

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