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Marlon Wright

The remains will be exhibited on Sunday July 16 from 12:00 to 21:00 with ceremony starting at 19:00 at KANE FETTERLY funeral home 5301 blvd Décarie a Mtl...

La dépouille sera exposée dimanche le 16 juillet de 12:00 à 21:00 avec cérémonie à compter de 19 : 00 au salon funéraire KANE FETTERLY 5301 blvd Décarie a Mtl


Marlon Wright

Marlon Wright

The C.P.B.C is sad to hear of the passing of one of the greatest boxing officials ever, Marlon Wright. Marlon worked numerous title fights for the C.P.B.C. we will miss him dearly. Condolences to all his friends and family.


CODY CROWLEY C.P.B.C. International Champion

Cody Crowley C.P.B.C. International Champion

The homecoming event on May 13th 2017 in Peterborough Ontario was a history making event.
The Memorial Civic Center was jammed packed to the rafter’s and after 36 years without


New Members

The C.P.B.C. would like to take a moment in welcoming some new members.

We welcome Troy Talbot as the C.P.B.C. Senior Advisor.
Troy come's on board with a great background of boxing and good business decisions.
He will be a great asset to the C.P.B.C. welcome Troy.

Another new member is Kyle (Cameron) MacLean, who will be the NOVA SCOTIA REPRESENTATIVE.
Kyle also has an extensive background in boxing and will be a breath of fresh air for the C.P.B.C..
Welcome aboard Kyle.


C.P.B.C. ends affiliation with W B U

In the recent days after some terrible post were made from the president of the WBU i felt as former vice president and championship chairman of the WBU it is my duty to set things right and say it like it really is not like some lies that have been posted from the president of the WBU. After seeing the racial and terrible hate post the WBU president made we felt as members of the C.P.B.C that our affiliation came to an end as we could not be involved with such terrible things.


C.P.B.C. Honor's Doug Harper

C.P.B.C.Honor's Doug Harper

Today the C.P.B.C. honored former Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion Doug Harper. It was a pleasure for the the C.P.B.C. to honor this former Canadian Champion who in his prime days fought the boxing legend Yvon Durelle 3 times winning 1 loosing 1 and a draw on the other. Special thanks to C.P.B.C. Representative Jamie Taylor for helping this happen and also thank you to Chris Ladouceur for being so patient for getting the timing right and also a very special thank you to C.P.B.C. representative Scotty ( the bulldog) Olson for taking the time to be there for this great moment.


Merry Chritmas

The C.P.B.C. and all its members would like to take a moment and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017


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